Dr Hatti
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My name is Vikram Hatti, M.D. and I am a fellowship trained board-certified radiologist.  I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and the kind of work I do in the hopes that you may consider us as your choice for imaging services.


My specialty is musculolosketal imaging and MRI.  I am ivy-league fellowship trained with specialized expertise in MRI.  I have taken a particular interest in spine and musculoskeletal whiplash trauma, sports injury, and repetitive stress injury patterns.  I have presented research regarding the efficacy of image perception informatics and I am also highly skilled in working with a variety of musculoskeletal dysfunctions.


I have been in practice for 16 years.  Professionalism, communication, and quality health care are my strengths. I welcome you to my medical practice. Thank you for trusting me.

What Referring Physicians Say About Dr. Hatti...


 (Actual comments from referring physicians)


We are very pleased with Dr. Hatti’s services for their quality and detailed feedback. The images are read by a world class board certified radiologist, and the reports are always accurate ensuring we can diagnose accurately." - P. H. Tran M.D.


Dr. Hatti's service has always been fast, timely and always accurate. I've been using him for two years and have never had a problem. I would recommend his service without reservation." - Roman Lal M.D.


Of all the radiologists with whom I have worked, Dr. Hatti is by far the most engaged. Most willing to discuss and pursue the diagnosis as far as possible." - Jeff Weil M.D.